Its origins can be traced back to 1933 when Marcelino Castanedo Miera decided to acquire an ice cream shop that was for sale in Hernán Cortés Street (Santander) and that had been run, until then, by Italian owners. Marcelino was familiar with this industry because his previous career involved industrial refrigeration. This knowledge enabled him to launch a renovated business based on his firm convictions. From the outset, his utmost concern was to develop quality products, using natural ingredients only. The name was another of the earliest decisions he had to make. Being a keen enthusiast of tradition and of his personal life, Castanedo merged the names of his two daughters (Regina and Margarita) to form the brand name, Regma.

Castanedo was rewarded with success from the beginning and little by little he reinvented the business by launching new products. Who doesn’t remember the ‘Pinocchios’, an ice-lolly in the shape of the most famous nose in children’s stories, or ice-cream slices between wafers? His only son, Jesús, joined the family business in 1961. Marcelino taught him the secrets of how to run the business so that he could retire knowing that Regma was in good hands. By then, the company included the ice-cream, industrial refrigeration and confectionery businesses as well as several outlets.

In spite of the development of the food sector, Regma is still true to its original philosophy based on product quality and on traditional recipes and flavours as key premises. Today, Regma is run by the third generation of the family. Jaime Castanedo, Marcelino’s grandson and Jesus’s son, is now the business’s visible head. They have twenty-five ice cream outlets, seven confectionery stores and four cafeterias. In addition to various outlets in Cantabria, Regma is also present in Gijón, Llanes, Aguilar de Campoo and Ribadesella.